Passing by, Beta Testers needed

Welcome Everyone, GSoC 2020 is nearly over, during this summer of code. I have been working on creating a new module for Evolution-Data-Server. This is an EteSync sync module that will allow Evolution and EteSync users to add there account to Evolution and handle their data from there.

In the last post I wrote about that the writing functionality is implemented for Evoluton, for who of you who don’t know Evolution. It is a personal information management application that provides integrated mail, calendaring and address book functionality. As for EteSync, it is a secure, end to-end encrypted and FLOSS sync solution for your contacts, calendars and tasks.

I’ve been working for the past 3 months developing the module. Users can now fetch their data, write new data and create new journals or delete current ones from Evolution. You can also initialize new EteSync account from Evolution. So we need your help to test the module and fix any issue you may face during testing 😀

Install and test the module

  1. First, you need to have evolution and evolution-data-server installed.
  2. Then you need to install etesync-rs library from here, after downloading you need to run commands, for that you need to have cargo installed.
    $ cargo build
    $ make && sudo make install

    or alternatively, come to the chat (link below) and we may be able to send you a prebuilt version.
  3. Finally you will go to the evolution-etesync repo, download and follow the instruction there to build and install the module.
  4. The last step is to add you EteSync account to Evolution
    a) Click on the little arrow pointing down at the top-left next to “New” button.
    b) Choose “Collection Account”
    c) There suppose to be an option “Look up for an EteSync account”, check it and uncheck the rest.
    d) Enter you email-address, click Look up, an option will appear under “Look up for an EteSync account” that will let you enter your password.
    e) If you are hosting you’re own server, click on Advanced Options and enter the full url [http://…], if not just skip this step.
    f) Then a dialog will appear, enter your encryption password, then you can start playing with module

Just as a note some small features not yet supported, as renaming or changing colours of journals.

These are general instructions, it may be different in your case, so please come to the community-chat for help if you need it.

Pre-Made Packages

Arch users, use the AUR pre-made packages here.

Fedora users run these commands to install the module

     $ dnf copr enable daftaupe/etesync-rs
     $ dnf install evolution-etesync

Thank you for you support, really appreciate it 😀

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5 thoughts on “Passing by, Beta Testers needed

  1. hi, thank you much for this helpful post. I tried to install this on a Debian Testing with gnome. But I can’t “make install” etesync-dnf because there is not any makefile. How I could manually install It?


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