The first steps

It’s already been 3 weeks since I’ve received my acceptance email to GSoC internship. I am going to explain what progress have been made during this time and what I am willing on achieving on the upcoming days .

This period is called the community bonding, during this time participants should start communicating with their mentors to start planing ahead how they should start when the time comes. and what to be expected and such. The first thing I’ve done after celebrating :D, was getting in touch with the mentors. We talked about how I should start and they gave me a boost and a head-start which is going to be useful in the upcoming days. They pointed me on how should I start preparing. here are the things I’ve done so far.

  • Downloaded (evolution-ews) module and successfully built it, to prepare my environment and download necessary development packages if needed.
  • Start removing files from downloaded module that are unnecessary for the new module like mail parts, as we are going to use the download module directory structure for the new module to make it easier.
  • Created EteSync AddressBook/Calander backend first files.
  • I’ve downloaded and set up an EteSync local server which will be useful for testing purposes.
  • Downloaded EteSync-rs library which is the C and rust API for EteSync. I’ve ran the examples and wrote some code to try creating a Journal and it worked \o/
  • Added the PkgConfig EteSync file in the CmakeList file in the evolution-etesync module folder, which was tricky for me as I don’t have much experience with cmake, but I managed to make it and learned something 🙂
  • Started writing code in the backend file source for connecting and disconnecting to the EteSync Server.
  • Mostly important thing during this period I got used to the base code, explored more how module should worked, but still much to learn through the journey.

Guess this is a good start, but still there is much to do for the upcoming days. We are going to start by implementing the read functions, So that we can read the data from the server. so I am focused on doing such for the Addressbook and calendar as well . of course, I am going to face some challenges, but you’ll never learn something using the easy way.

I am really exited, I don’t want to miss any opportunity to learn any thing from my mentors nor the communities. I feel really lucky with this project as I have helpful mentors and not only I am contributing to one organization but can be considered for two, not that I am writing code for EteSync, but implementing a backend for it so can be considered \o/

Hope every thing works fine during this internship, GSoC here we GO.

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