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Documenting a Journey

Hello, I am Nour E-Din, an undergrad student studying Computer Engineering at Ain Shames university in Cairo/Egypt. I’ll be working on Gnome/Evolution project during GSoC 2020. This will be a new experience for me as contributing to open source world, hope to learn a lot throughout the journey.

This blog will contain a series of posts explaining my progress throughout the summer during the developing.

What will I be working on?

I’ll be Implementing an EDS module to sync with EteSync, a secure, end-to-end encrypted and FLOSS sync solution that will enable GNOME/Evolution users to easily end-to-end encrypt and sync their contacts, calendars and tasks.

Evolution is a personal information management application that provides integrated mail, calendaring and address book functionality.

checkout EteSync’s website and their blog for more information.

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